Great Canadian Hikes


Want to take a hike? Here are some of the best spots in Canada to take a hike or a trail this season!

We wanted to keep a steady mixture of the hard going, for the experienced hiker, to something a little more easy-going for the beginner or less hardcore walker.

The result has something for you, whatever kind of walker, runner or hiker you are!

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This is where the Rocky Mountain peaks join with the Alberta prairies.

There are plenty of hikes and trails to get started with, which range in length and time from under an hour – ideal for sprinters and runners – to ones that can last a few days.

We recommend the Tamarack trail. This is a 32 KM hike at a height of 8500 feet. This trail should take between two to three days, depending on your speed.

Park is also a great place for other activities, such as kayaking and camping.

Before visiting the Alberta Waterton Lakes National Park please check with their website, because some areas might be closed to the public, following the forest fires.


This is Canada’s oldest and foremost national park. It is situated an hour and a half’s drive west from Calgary in Alberta.

It features a twenty-six square km hot spring reserve and also more than six thousand km square of mountains. Situated in the Canadian Rockies, the park attracts millions of visitors each year.

Suggested walks are around Lake Louise or in the Sunshine Meadows.

There’s at least 1600 km of walks on offer in Banff and they range from the very easy to the very hard!

Walking and hiking are not the only sports you can take part in here, there’s also climbing, skiing, fishing, white water rafting and other types of water sport.

This is a real wilderness spot where wolves, caribous, and grizzly bears can all be spotted!


Fundy National Park is situated in the midst of the equator and the North Pole, on the east coast of Canada.

It is known as one of the “seven wonders” in North America. This is because it has the highest tides on the planet, rare whales, precious minerals and even some fossils of dinosaurs!

There are no less than twenty-five different trails to follow, through varying terrain and difficulty levels.


This is a UNESCO world heritage site and you can certainly see why. With fjords, mountains, bogs, and beaches, there is a dramatic and ancient landscape to unearth at Gros Morne National Park.

Most of the 100 km of walking is actually fairly flat, making it popular with walkers of all types. However, there is one very steep mountain (Gros Morne mountain) contained within it.

This is a one day trek in itself and not for the faint-hearted to attempt!

The mountain summit is only open from July until October, though, so you will not be able to attempt it until later on in the year.

Home to the Arctic hare, moose and caribou, there is wildlife and seascape galore here to investigate.


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