Wanna Swim Like Michael Phelps? You Must Read This Then!

Michael Phelps, even though past 30-year old mark, has given us an awesome show in Rio 2016. One of the most amazing things we saw was Schooling beating Michael Phelps in his favorite swimming style. But even more amazing than that was seeing Michael Phelps winning in what may be his last race in the Olympic Games.

However, would you like to become like Michael Phelps? Maybe the next Schooling? It doesn’t matter at all: you want to get better at swimming and on this article we are going to help you with your goal.

It’s Not All About The Water:

You need to think out of the box if you want to become a great swimmer. Even though you need to train most of the time in the water, you should also give a try to other kind of training.

As we read in our previous article, there’s an excellent exercise known as the farmer’s walk. If you want to increase your body strength in all senses, then you should give this workout a try. You will build insane amounts of strength without investing a lot of time, because just like we explained in such previous article, it requires just a few minutes of your time, and the gains are simply out of this world.

So you should start a lifting program or a calisthenics program, because these kind of “dry” training can do a lot for you. Something as simple as getting better with pull-ups will help you a lot when you swim, because you will have a lot more superior-body strength, and this will be an advantage in all instances.

So now you have understood that it’s not all about the water. You have to try new things, and one of them is training with weights or doing calisthenics, or maybe a mix of both.

Watch Out What You Eat:

If you don’t train for 12 hours like Phelps, then you don’t have to try his diet. It’s over 12K calories a day, in order to meet his energetic demand, but we highly doubt that you need so much power.

You need to eat more vegetables and don’t be afraid of fats. If you want to feel like a real machine in the water, then you need to have a diet that goes pair to pair with what you do daily. If you would like to swim for long distances, then you should try to teach your body how to use stored fat, and this can be possible with a ketogenic diet.


If you want to become a beast of a swimmer, then you need to watch out what you eat and train harder out of the water. These two elements will contribute a lot to your performance, so start applying them to your routine. If you want to become great, then you need to think out of the box and risk yourself a little bit more.

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